After the Womb Blessing

Thank you for joining me in Womb Blessing & Healing. The following is some information and resources to help you understand and process anything you may experience in the lunar cycle (28 days) after your Blessing. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at lana @ (copy and omit the spaces).

I appreciate your feedback and I deeply appreciate the referrals of your friends and loved ones.

After the Womb Blessing: Womb Blessing ‘Clearing’

Whenever we do energy work, our body and its accompanying energy system needs to process and integrate the energy changes that have been made. This process can take a few minutes or anything up to 28 days.

Not everyone will experience ‘clearing’ and not everyone who goes through it will notice it happening.

Some of the experiences of the Womb Blessing ‘clearing’ can be:

  • Aches and pain as the energy clears physical patterns and old injuries
  • Early or late menstruation as the energy interacts with our body stress and hormones
  • Tiredness as the body integrates the energy changes
  • Old memories coming to the surface to clear
  • Emotions and thoughts coming to the surface to be released
  • Happiness and joy as our old restrictions and blocks are released and we feel true to ourselves
  • Feelings of wholeness as the energy energizes the Womb Centre
  • Peace as the energy brings our soul back home to us and we deepen our connection to the Divine Feminine and our purpose in life.

Whatever we experience, ‘good’ or ‘challenging’, is showing us that the Blessing energy is working. Everything the Divine Feminine energy does is for the Highest Good and attuned to Divine Love.

After your Womb Blessing, make sure to nurture yourself; for example, rest more, drink lots of water, and remember that you may be experiencing a ‘clearing.’ Be gentle with yourself.


Another effect of the energy work is a slight ‘detox’. This is where the toxins held in the physical body are released. Drinking water will flush these toxins out of the body, but if we don’t drink enough water after the healing we can experience a slight detox headache or the feelings of a cold. If you do experience detox symptoms, simply drink more water and they should clear in a day or so.

In the days after receiving a Blessing, you may want to eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and little (or no) processed food. The more toxins we put in the body, the more the body has to remove – so it seems sensible to reduce the toxins we consume. :)

Practice the Womb Tree Meditation as often as you wish.

The Womb Tree Meditation

Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your body.
Feel your weight on the cushion, the weight of your arms in your lap. Take a deep breath and feel centred within.

Bring your awareness to your womb; see, know, feel or imagine that your womb is like a tree with two main branches, and beautiful leaves and red jewel-like fruits on the end.

Feel or imagine that the roots of the tree grow down deep within the darkness of the earth, connecting you and anchoring you, allowing you to receive golden energy into your womb.

Feel grounded and balanced.


Now allow the image of your Womb Tree to grow until the tree branches separate at the level of your heart. As you connect with this image, see or feel your heart centre open and energy flow down your arms into your hands and fingers.

Feel the connection of love between the earth, your womb and your heart.


Still in awareness of your heart, look up and see or feel that the tree’s branches continue to reach upwards to cradle a Full Moon above your head.

The beauty of the Full Moon bathes you in a pure silver-white light that washes through your aura and over your skin.

Open to receive the light of the Moon. Allow it to enter through your crown and fill your brain with light. Relax further, and receive this light into your heart.

Relax even further, open your womb and allow this energy into your womb in blessing.


Self-blessing meditation

This quick and easy Self-blessing can be done every day. You don’t need to do anything special; you can do the meditation at work, in bed, on the sofa, on the train, etc.

Try spending five minutes every morning doing the Self-blessing and see how it feels. If it feels good, then do it for longer or more often during the day. The Self-blessing is particularly helpful for pre-menstrual tension, and using it throughout your cycle can help bring balance and harmony to the whole of your cycle.

Sit or lie comfortably with your hands over your womb.

Imagine a large Full moon filling your womb with beautiful silvery white light. As you do this the energy will naturally flow, and you may feel it in your hands and womb as a physical sensation. Not everyone senses the energy as it flows – every individual has their own unique experience of the energy.

Relax. And enjoy.

At the end, thank your Goddess for her blessing.

~ ~ ~

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The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a gift of healing from the Divine Feminine, for all women who wish to receive it, to awaken her energies in women and in the Earth. There is no cost to participate.

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