Be Part of a Special, 1-Day Art of Feminine Presence Retreat

Photo: Spencer Dahl via unsplash

Photo: Spencer Dahl via unsplash

The Feminine Essence offers a doorway to many golden opportunities. Opportunities to relate to yourself as a being of divinity, holiness, and ‘rightness’.

These aren’t just words or intellectual concepts we throw around. We don’t talk our way to this or seek to figure anything out. We have to experience it.

Maybe somewhere you have read or heard such extolling praise to the Feminine and want to believe it is true, know somewhere that it must be true, yet, haven’t fully been able to embody it and truly know it in every cell.

The time is Now!

The Art of Feminine Presence is a spiritual practice for women; I have always experienced it in this way. We join together in circle for a facilitation in the experience of the Feminine within ourselves.  We can’t know what we will find; there is no prescription or strategy, everyone’s journey is uniquely and divinely their own.

Anything and everything is possible but one thing I do believe, because I’ve witnessed it time and again, is this: you will feel more whole, more complete, more confident, more at ease, and more in love & enchantment with yourself than you have been before.

Join us for this special 1 day retreat in celebrating the Feminine, in honouring our truest and deepest essence, and desires.


What you can expect:

  • warmth, sisterhood, sharing, growth, pleasure
  • transformative practices that you can take straight out into the world which will allow you to experience more joy and pleasure, to be seen and appreciated for who you are, to have you feel safe and worthy in your body
  • connecting to the Feminine as a way of Being, a way of relating to yourself and to others out in the world which have you feeling empowered, magnetic, & beautiful

This is for you if you:

  • are feeling tired, anxious or depressed and you find you are feeling a void that just isn’t being filled
  • know there is something missing in your life
  • have been wondering about this thing, femininity, and what it means exactly, how to get in touch with it and wondering what it would mean in your life if you did
  • find you are not able to relate to old friends in your life; they’re kind of not getting ‘it’ or it’s becoming clear you are headed on different paths
  • know you need and want friendship, community, sisterhood!
  • are committed to finding the ecstasy of being alive (even though it might feel uncomfortable sometimes)
  • are open to some deep, delicious guided adventure

This is NOT for you if you:

  • are not willing to contribute to the circle by speaking about your experiences by being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be seen without a guard or any defenses up.
  • are looking to be fixed (because you’re not broken and then therefore there is no such thing as a ‘fix’). I repeat, this isn’t a ‘fix.’
  • are a person who likes to give advice to others. We listen and are present to each other. We don’t give advice (see point above).
  • have a need to control situations and outcomes and need to know what is going to happen next.
  • are unable to surrender to the process. The Feminine requires that we are able to let go!
  • are unable to be with, and own, your judgments,  or unwilling to take responsibility for your words and actions


$197 early-bird (received before February 15th, 2019)

$247 (after February 15th, 2019)

payable via e-transfer or with a credit card at

Please click here to get started.


Event Details & Logistics:

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at the Source Centre for Health & Wellness in downtown Toronto.

9:30am – 9:45am: Arrival & Registration

10am – 6pm: Retreat hours with a lunch break and a couple of smaller breaks in between.

You are responsible for your own lunch; feel free to bring something or you have many options in the area. We will be offering tea and light snacks throughout the day.

Additional things to know:

  • there are a few steps to navigate (4)
  • it’s a shoes-off event; if you prefer to have slippers, please bring some
  • please no fragrances or perfumes; essential oils and natural products are generally fine
  • only water will be permitted in the main room, feel free to bring a reusable bottle if you have one. We will also have cups on hand
  • wear or bring layers or comfortable clothes to ensure you are warm enough and can move freely
  • space is limited! If you feel this is a fit for your right now, let’s get started.

Contact lana @ (without the spaces) with any questions/concerns.