The Art of Feminine Presence ™

Friday Evenings


Wednesday Evenings
in Toronto, ON

What if you knew…

that no matter how intense and stressful your week was, there was a place that welcomed you, wholeheartedly and fully.


A dedicated space and time where you can release your stresses, let your hair down, relax, be accepted as you are in the moment. Where you could safely surrender to an experience of connection to your highest, most beautiful Self, and leave feel amazing, full, and nourished a few hours later?

A place where you could safely explore what it means to be in, and live from, your Feminine essence and discover that who YOU ARE is truly and deeply powerful and that you can be in love with, and confident in, the skin you’re in.

When I first discovered these classes, I felt an elation I had never before experienced. I felt an enchanting expansion like in a yoga class & the elation after a wild dance night & the sweet release after a good and deep cry where I felt held, oh so sweetly held and gotten.

The Art of Feminine Presence™ was so special and impactful for me, I took the training and became qualified to facilitate the classes myself. Because my soul knew we, women, need more of this kind of soul goodness happening!

The Feminine is rising and while many of us know this, we don’t know how to tap into it , and experience it, for ourselves. This what the circles allow for us, to begin to live in the freedom and joy of our Feminine essence.

Circles are ongoing and happen in

Toronto, ON (central-west)

Wednesday OR

Friday evenings

7pm – 9:30/9:45pm

In every session there are things we will always practice, including:

1) Grounding and connecting us to our feminine core. This is pleasurable, magical, and helps us connect to our wisdom, our guidance, our radiance, and our purpose. We get practiced in finding our way here so that we can begin to automatically embody it in the outside world. (Wouldn’t you like to feel safe, guided, strong in your Feminine in any situation life throws at you?)

2) Being seen and appreciated in our Divine aspects. The Feminine longs to be truly and deeply witnessed and appreciated just as She is. When we don’t receive this, we search it out in often unhealthy ways and places. Every class, we enjoy practices to fill this well deeply so that we walk out into the world deeply nourished and fulfilled.


There are dozens of practices with which we play, which have us dive into the experience of the Feminine – being present, radiant, powerful, attuning our receptivity, feeling amazing and at home in our bodies.

These practices allow us to experience our intuition, creativity, pleasure and the deepest core of our femininity.

This is for you if you:

  • are feeling tired, anxious or depressed and you find you are feeling a void that just isn’t being filled
  • know there is something missing in your life
  • have been wondering about this thing, femininity, and what it means exactly, how to get in touch with it and wondering what it would mean in your life if you did
  • find you are not able to relate to old friends in your life; they’re kind of not getting ‘it’ or it’s becoming clear you are headed on different paths
  • know you need friendship, community, sisterhood!
  • are committed to finding the ecstasy of being alive (even though it might feel uncomfortable sometimes)
  • are open to some deep, delicious guided adventure

This is NOT for you if you:

  • cannot commit to showing up to a multi-week series and on time!
  • are not willing to contribute to the circle by speaking about your experiences, by being vulnerable, and by staying present to each sister in the circle
  • are looking to be fixed (because you’re not broken and then therefore there is no such thing as a ‘fix’). I repeat, this isn’t a ‘fix’
  • are a person who likes to give advice to others. We listen and are present to each other. We don’t give advice (see point above)
  • have control issues and need to know what is going to happen next
  • are unable to surrender to the process
  • are unable to be with, and own, your judgments, taking responsibility for your words and actions, receiving healthy feedback

The investment for a series of 5 weeks is $247 ***

***There are, on occasion, a limited number of scholarships available. These are based on true need and level of commitment to participating in a circle. ***

Next Step: Complete and submit the form below so that we can see if we are a fit for each other. Or email me directly to set up a time to chat at: lana @  (eliminate the spaces when typing the address; it is listed here in this way to prevent spam)

I so look forward to connecting with you on this journey.