Special Events

Big Time Spring TIme Sacred Sexuality (1)Unleash the Power of Sacred Sexuality: A Pleasure-Filled, Transformational Journey Awaits! April – May 2024


🔥 Are you ready to unleash a newfound liberation through your sexuality?

🔥Would you welcome deeper connection and love with yourself as well with others?

🔥What would life be like if our self-growth and spirituality could be accessed to an even deeper degree through sexuality and pleasure practices?

Whether you are single or partnered, this adventure is for you.
Over 6 weeks together, you will become versed in:

🕊️ Embodied Sensuality: Dive into the essence of your body, using movement, breath, and touch to enhance your sensual experiences and reconnect with your true self.


🌌 Sacred Sexuality and Self-Love: Embrace self-discovery and self-love as the cornerstone of a fulfilling, sacred sexuality.


🌬️ Chakra Activation: Align your energy centers to amplify sensuality, creating a harmonious flow of passion and vitality throughout your being.


🌱 How to Begin to Heal Sexual Trauma: Learn compassionate tools to guide you on a journey of healing, liberating you from the weight of past experiences.


🗣️ Erotic Communication Mastery: Learn the art of open, honest dialogue, creating a safe space for expressing desires and boundaries.


💖 Spiritual Intimacy in Relationships: Elevate your love life through spiritual connection, building a foundation of trust, understanding, and profound intimacy.


In addition to 6 live sessions (with replays available for 2 weeks), you will also receive:

  • audio practices for homeplay
  • worksheets for journaling and going in deep
  • transformative tools to use for a lifetime

The details:

🎁 We meet over Zoom for 6 live sessions (replays will be available for 2 weeks). Enjoy from the privacy and intimacy from your own home.

🎁Tuesdays from 8pm – 9:30pm (EST) beginning April 2nd and running to May 7th, 2024.

🎁 Suitable for singles or coupled people. All genders welcome!

🎁 All for a special low introductory rate of $200 CDN payable via etransfer or paypal.

Limited spots available – secure yours now and let the magic unfold!

🔥 Ignite your passion. Elevate your pleasure. Embrace the sacred within. 🔥

➡️  Begin your registration here!  or email: lana @ sistersawake.org  (omitting the spaces) to say “I’m in!”