Gift for Men

'Powerful Back of a Unique Man by Asha Carolyn Young.

‘Powerful Back of a Unique Man’ by Asha Carolyn Young.

Men – your role and presence in this work in the world is vital.

Do you find yourself at times feeling conflicted or at odds with the manner in which masculinity has been passed down to you? As it has inhabited within you? Do you struggle to reconcile your personal values and experiences with what society has pressed upon you or conditioned to believe about the masculine?

The Gift for Men is an offering of Divine Feminine energy in love, validation and acknowledgment of the authentic Sacred Masculine within all men. It further supports the release of this expression out into the world.

This is an energetic attunement opening up your consciousness to the Divine Feminine, bringing healing, validation, love and transformation.

~ This work can be done remotely together from anywhere in the world ~

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