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Art of Feminine Presence Toronto

Lana Kevic

From my first menstrual cycle on, I experienced a great deal of pain while bleeding. It would range from awful to excruciating. I grew to become essentially fearful of an impending cycle, beginning a round-the-clock medication at the first cues of it’s impending arrival.

Over the years this resulted in a damaged liver and a growing resentment and hostility I had towards being a woman (hostility which of course extended to men). These actions and sentiments created a never-ending cycle of increased pain and resentment and it began to spill out into all areas of my life. I was an angry, unsatisfied woman.

Until one day I realized I just had to stop. No more medications. No more excuses. I allowed myself to fully fall into the pain and the fear.

And I lived. And eventually left the pain behind and began to enjoy (yes, really!) my bleeding time -something utterly inconceivable as a possibility.

Somewhere along this path I fell in love with the mysticism and magic of the menstrual cycle, the moon and the interplay of feminine and masculine energies.

I stumbled upon a Knowing that the blood and cycle are sacred and powerful. And when I shared what I was discovering, most people (men included) were fascinated and wanted to know more. But, of course!

Wouldn’t we rather know ourselves as the sacred, holy beings that we truly are?

I can help.

I am a guide/facilitator/teacher/healing practitioner.

I work with Energy. I practice Reiki, am a certified teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence and have been attuned and initiated as an Advanced Moon Mother by the healer/author/artist Miranda Gray.

I offer the following services:

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Praise for the Experiences:

“I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners and this is the only practice I have found that’s been able to consistently alleviate the anxious vibrations from my body.” ~ M.F.


“Your Art of Feminine Presence series was transformative for me, and it takes someone with your special qualities to create that kind of magical, sacred space.” ~ S.R.


“The Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) has had a profound impact on my life. I began the practice in June 2014. After only 5 sessions with Lana leading our group, I have seen the most dramatic changes in my everyday situations. After each weekly session, I leave the room with a sense of calm and gratitude that extends into the coming days. No matter what comes at me during that period, I remain centered, focused and compassionate in my interactions with the world. AFP has altered how I view other people and situations. Now, when I’m faced with difficult situations, I can go in knowing that I have everything I need to be positive, proactive and protect myself if need be. The power of AFP is not to be underestimated! I am incredibly grateful for being introduced to it.” ~ A.H.