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Lana 2022

Lana 2022

I am a guide/facilitator/teacher/healing practitioner/postpartum doula/writer.

I am a certified & tenured teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence and have been attuned and initiated as an Advanced Moon Mother by the healer/author/artist Miranda Gray.

This is my 10th year of offering this work to the world, after many years of healing myself.

From my first menstrual cycle on, I experienced a great deal of pain while bleeding. It would range from awful to excruciating. I grew to become essentially fearful of an impending cycle, beginning a round-the-clock medication at the first cues of it’s impending arrival.

Over the years this resulted in a damaged liver and a growing resentment and hostility I had towards being a woman (hostility which of course extended to men). These actions and sentiments created a never-ending cycle of increased pain and resentment and it began to spill out into all areas of my life. I was an angry, unsatisfied woman.

Until one day I realized life was not intended to be this way for me or for any woman. So I began looking at things differently, looking for a different path.

Somewhere along this path I fell in love with the mysticism and magic of the menstrual cycle, the moon and the interplay of feminine and masculine energies. Because it is truly amazing.

I stumbled upon a Knowing that the blood and cycle are sacred and powerful. And when I shared what I was discovering, most people (men included) were fascinated and wanted to know more. But, of course!

My Healing Space in Toronto West, work is also done in downtown Toronto

My Healing Space in Toronto West, work is also done in downtown Toronto, and also remotely.

Wouldn’t we rather know ourselves as the sacred, holy beings that we truly are? The path forward to a new world is going to require knowing ourselves and relating to our world and experiences differently than we have before. Women want to feel good being women.

I can help.

I offer the following services:

Find out more by reading the blog and following/connecting with me on:instagram, medium, or linkedin.

Also, check out this video chat with my friend Karena Osborne (who also has experience with this work) for a better sense of what it is and what it can offer.

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Praise for the Experiences:

“I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners and this is the only practice I have found that’s been able to consistently alleviate the anxious vibrations from my body.” ~ M.F.


“I’ve been acutely aware of the feminine in the workplace and how it’s not usually acknowledged as something legitimate. I’m finding this the biggest struggle right now because I’m in a new role and still establishing my own footing in this in general. I’m so grateful for the tools you have shared with me. I’m so glad that I have access to “another way”, where in the face of being constantly questioned on my ‘authority’, accessing my feminine power is such a useful tool in the face of masculine aggression.” ~ S.H.


“Since beginning this work, so much has shifted! My confidence levels are up, happiness levels up, joy levels up,  playfulness levels up, enjoyment of life up. Anxiety down. I’m sleeping better. Feeling better. Lots of good things. Just stepping into who I really am and feeling a lot more powerful because I am using my feminine power and also it just helps that the group reminds me of things. like i am actually feminine. this group helps reminds me that. i am actually sensual. these things are just buried a little bit and they just needed to come to the surface and that is what it really fulfills.” ~ D.K.


“Your Art of Feminine Presence series was transformative for me, and it takes someone with your special qualities to create that kind of magical, sacred space.” ~ S.R.


“It made me feel good and whole in a way that is most natural but that I have not felt anywhere else. I would say that I learned a lot and that it changes the way you look at things. ~ B.B.


“Essential learning for empowered females of the 21st century” ~ J.W.


“The Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) has had a profound impact on my life. After only 5 sessions with Lana leading our group, I have seen the most dramatic changes in my everyday situations. After each weekly session, I leave the room with a sense of calm and gratitude that extends into the coming days. No matter what comes at me during that period, I remain centered, focused and compassionate in my interactions with the world. The Art of Feminine Presence has altered how I view other people and situations. Now, when I’m faced with difficult situations, I can go in knowing that I have everything I need to be positive, proactive and protect myself if need be. The power of this work is not to be underestimated! I am incredibly grateful for being introduced to it.” ~ A.H.