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The global pandemic has, for the moment, transformed how some of these services are being offered but nonetheless there are still offerings to help you find your presence, joy, ease, and healing.

For everyone: ease stress and anxiety with a Reiki session.

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My name is Lana and I envision a world where the Feminine is held up, cherished, revered for all the beauty, power holiness She brings.

I envision a world where women feel safe, empowered, joyful, sacred, and ‘right’ in their Feminine bodies and selves.

I meet so many women who speak of the Feminine as being powerful and strong. And yet, these same women feel fear around being able to live through the Feminine in their lives and experience.

There is a massive disconnect for us.

I know that when we are able to truly embody and live through our Feminine essence, the world changes. We can fully express ourselves and our unique gifts. The ‘what’ we need to do will become clear once we know ‘how’ we want to show up and experience our lives.

For most women, living from their Feminine is what will bring the most joy, ease, flow, safety, and pleasure in life. Let me show you how.


A Chinese Proverb reads: When sleeping women wake, mountains move

Do you hear the call? Are you ready to move those mountains?

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