Does it feel sometimes like the narrative of female empowerment we’re hearing is not the entire truth..?

As women, we’re independent; we can take care of ourselves. We buy ourselves what we want. We don’t wait around on anyone else to do it for us. We are accomplished, professional, respected. Maybe we’ve earned the degree(s), the leadership position, the salary.

And yet…

There are untold, private struggles and deep dissatisfaction we are experiencing.  So many of us struggle with:

  • finding a fulfilling relationship with a conscious, loving mate (who also turns us on)
  • connecting truly to our deepest desires and vision for our lives
  • vitality and issues with our health and well-being
  • knowing how to set, and enforce, healthy boundaries
  • feeling beautiful, radiant, seen, and worthy
  • loneliness and isolation. We lack and deprivation around sisterhood and community; a space to be held, appreciated, validated, and ‘gotten’

We may cope in all sorts of unhealthy, unsatisfying ways from bingeing on Netflix and overeating to telling ourselves it doesn’t really matter, to settling for relationships that are unsatisfying at best to unsafe at worst. We struggle with our health and a whole host of conditions and dis-ease that predominantly affect women (beyond cycle-related dysfunctions like PCOS, endometriosis, etc. there are syndromes such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even Alzheimer’s disease which women are more prone to suffer).

I assert that the missing link for us is the lived and embodied experience of truly living from our Feminine.


Despite a lot of proclamations and affirmations, this world is not a friendly place for the Feminine. Most of us actually don’t know what the Feminine is and I will also say it is not vital to intellectually ‘know’ it as it is to experience it.

And I see this as a missing piece in a lot of women’s circles and offerings around bringing in more of the Feminine. We don’t need to sit around and discuss this; we need direct experience. We need to live Feminine Presence for our lives and our experience and our world to transform.


Lana 2019

Lana 2019

My name is Lana and I envision a world where the Feminine is held up, cherished, revered for all the beauty, power holiness She brings.

I envision a world where women feel safe, empowered, joyful, sacred, and ‘right’ in their Feminine bodies and selves.

I meet so many women who speak of the Feminine as being powerful and strong. And yet, these same women feel fear around being able to live through the Feminine in their lives and experience.

There is a massive disconnect for us.

I know that when we are able to truly embody and live through our Feminine essence, the world changes. We can fully express ourselves and our unique gifts. The ‘what’ we need to do will become clear once we know ‘how’ we want to show up and experience our lives.

For most women, living from their Feminine is what will bring the most joy, ease, flow, safety, and pleasure in life. Let me show you how.


A Chinese Proverb reads: When sleeping women wake, mountains move

Do you hear the call? Are you ready to move those mountains?

Heal Your Womb                        Step Into Your Power